Transformation Tuesday

The word “transformation”; most directly and closely defined, is going through a drastic change in appearance or form. Many of us have gone through some sort of change; whether it was a new haircut, a short-lived fad diet/exercise regimen, moving to a new location, entering a new relationship (or exiting an old and tired one), or possibly adapting to a new wardrobe. But this is not what I’m referring to. To be “transformed” means that you are leaving a major part of your way of living behind in the efforts of seeking out a new and more positive future. This sort of drastic change comes about when one realizes that their old ways are ineffective in producing ultimate happiness for them. Many do this by aligning closer to God (or their respective higher power), giving up an addiction, or taking certain radical (or maybe even desperate) changes within their lives. Perhaps you have received news from your doctor that in order to avoid a debilitating disease that you must completely change how and what you eat/drink and now must take medications, or you realize that you continually find yourself in controlling and abusive relationships, or you find yourself in and out of legal trouble. While these examples may seem somewhat extreme and worst-case scenario, one can easily recognize how if someone wants to live a healthy and fruitful life that they may need to make substantial changes in their lives to reroute themselves away from inevitable demise.

Today’s questions for reflection:
* What areas do you feel that you need to transform within your life?
* What are some reasons why you have have undergone a life-transformation?
* Are you anxiously considering a transformational-life overhaul but don’t know where to start?
* If you have made a drastic change for your life, what did that entail and how do you feel that you are doing with keeping it up?
* Do you have supportive people behind you who believe enough in you to “check” you when you fall off?

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Be transformed and have a wonderful and prosperous Tuesday!

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