Season of Thanks

For those of us who celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we are probably preparing to spend time with loved ones.  Many folks use this day to give thanks for all that they are grateful for (and enjoy delicious food). However, the holiday season can bring on bouts of anxiety, depression, and a general feeling of overwhelm for many.

In positive psychology research, expressing gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with happiness ( Even if you do not celebrate this holiday and/or not planning to spend time with others—I want to challenge our readers with showing gratitude daily for the next seven days. It is extremely easy for us to get caught up in what’s going wrong in our world and personal lives that it gets difficult to see all that we have to be thankful for. Can you think of five things or people, RIGHT now, that you are grateful for?

Now can you continue making time during your day, for the next week, to show gratitude?

We want to hear your feedback! Let us know how your seven days of gratitude challenge goes and what differences you notice in your daily interactions.


Together in health & wellness, JG