It’s Been A Month….

So, Rooted For Greatness has been in existence for exactly a month; and we thank all whom have visited/viewed our site as well as our Facebook page! It is our hope that our web-presence can be a help to those who deal with issues related to mental health/wellness, knows someone who needs additional support, as well as help to eliminate the stigma that has long been associated with mental illness. Additionally, we want this space to be one that will help us continue to grow and mature as clinicians and aspire to our own greatness as we serve others. There will be some times where our posts may not be as frequent due to personal responsibilities with our jobs or with our families, but bear with us. We have quite a few exciting things planned for the upcoming year for Rooted For Greatness, so definitely stay tuned. Also; and probably most importantly, we need to have more people know about Rooted For Greatness. If each person who is visiting this page could share/repost this so that someone outside of our network can see it we would greatly appreciate it.

And as always, continue striving for your own greatness and be well!

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