Self-Care Saturday

I’m sure that everyone reading this at some point in their lives has heard of the term self-care.  But what exactly is that?  Self-Care basically means taking time out to love and nurture yourself; in whatever kind, attentive, healthy, and restorative way that may be.  Some people’s idea of self-care is to do yoga/meditation, get Swedish massages, getting their nails and hair done, etc.  These are good; however, your self-care practice can start even more basic than that and still have considerable benefit in your life. Self-care in and of itself is doing what is needed by YOU for YOU; however, it is not being selfish.  It is caring for the vessel (you) that cares for everyone else on a day-to-day basis.  Life can cause us to grow increasingly weary with all of the demands, chaos, stressors, etc. unless we take time to recharge.  

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Today’s question for reflection:

  • What is/are your current self-care practice(s)?

Yup…that’s it, just one question.  Hopefully you already have begun taking steps to take care of yourself; however, if you were unable to answer the question above truthfully because you don’t currently have a self-care regimen, here are some TED videos that further express the importance of self-care (and watching even one of them is ACTUALLY self-care because you are investing time in yourself☺️):

Take care of yourself today and everyday! ~NB😘

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