Soul Sunday

Soul Sunday

To some, Sunday marks the end of the week; while to others, it is the beginning.  However you choose to see this day, make time today to do something that enhances and uplifts your soul.  The term soul; most closely defined, means “an entity which is regarded as being the immortal or spiritual part of the person and which, though having no physical or material reality, is credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining all behavior”(  The soul is the essence of what makes you YOU; what drives your decision making, your beliefs and standards, and your morals and values.  The soul is also the root-source for your imagination, passion and desires, emotions, and creativity.  People of varying faith-beliefs may see Sunday as their day of worship and fellowship within the walls of their church/sanctuary; while others may have prefer to devote their time of worship and spiritual enlightenment in other ways and in “non-traditional” environments.  When I speak of the soul; however, it is not just for those who belong to religious sects and denominations.  Everyone can do something that will strengthen and cultivate their soul; which will in turn alter and direct their thoughts and views for how they deal with situations and with other people that they encounter.  Strengthening the soul is quite similar to self-care; however, it requires that you go deeper within yourself towards realizing significant life-change.

Ways in which you can feed your soul:

  • Creating time and space for reflection within your daily routine. 
  • Inspirational poems, affirmations, quotes, videos, artwork, etc.  Finding time daily to seek out and reflect on something that stirs your soul.
  • Decluttering your soul; lightening the load by dumping something that has long held you back. If you allow yourself to imagine a life without the load, you also allow yourself to have the space and opportunity to welcome in something that is more satisfying to your soul.  Replace one soul-exhausting habit for something more soul-enriching.  If you find that social media can be a soul-drain, limit the time spent there and replace it with reading or listening to something uplifting.
  • Love yourself; truly and wholly, and find ways in which to express love to others just as truly and wholly.
  • Serve others.  Volunteering and helping others can do wonders for strengthening the soul as well as working towards the greater good.
  • Forgiveness; for others as well as for yourself.  If you continue to carry the emotional burden of harboring a grudge, resentment, or bitterness towards others, you are causing a strain on your soul that will further complicate your life.  Perhaps this could be one of those loads that you dump while you are decluttering your soul.

Question for today:

  • How will you devote time to uplifting and enriching your soul today?

Enjoy a sensational Soul Sunday!


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